Project: Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners
Client: Municipality of Lamezia Terme
Period: 2010 Competition 1st Prize
  2011 Preliminary Design
  2012 Schematic Design for tender
  2014 Start of Construction
Gross Floor Area: 8,000 sqm (4,300 people max capacity)
Site Area: 50.000 sqm
Construction Cost: 9.6m Euros
Structural Project: AI Engineering Srl
Environmental design: AI Engineering Srl
Local support: Arch. Nunzio Santoro
3d Visualization: Artefactory Lab Paris

The project is the brainchild of a multipurpose facility that can be used not only for sporting activities but also for other activities.

Whilst the Sports Arena was founded primarily for sporting events, with particular emphasis on international sporting events for athletes with disabilities, to satisfy the principle of flexibility we have adopted a fluid, asymmetrical form, which is suitable for concerts and conferences for both sound and visibility, and which creates access for artists and participants.

From the idea of a light volume to satisfy the seismic and aerodynamic requirements and to exploit the prevailing winds for natural ventilation, we came up with a shape reminiscent of the “Lamezia” shoreline rocks.

The form of the building is shaped and smoothed by the sea and by the winds like a “stone” - it is just a metaphor that allows us to find elements and references to the natural surroundings.

The roof is raised on the surrounding embankment, looping around the tribunes, in order to optimize the emergency exits and the rapid evacuation of spectators after the event. With an outer skin made of thin steel elements and pressured air cushions with a triple translucent membrane in ETFE, the appearance of the roof is constantly changing under the influence of day or artificial light. This solution maximizes natural light, reduces heat gains during summer months and heat losses in winter and thereby overall energy consumption.

Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners_Lamezia Sports Hall_Lamezia Terme_012

Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners_Lamezia Sports Hall_Lamezia Terme_011