Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners_Vanaprastha City of Children India_01
Project: Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners
Client: Vanaprastha International Onlus
Period: 2007 Preliminary Design
  2009 Schematic Design
  2011 Completion
Gross Floor Area: 8.000 sqm
Site Area: 75.000 sqm
Structural Design: Favero & Milan Ingegneria Spa
Services Design: Manens Intertecnica Spa


Father Sibi is a young Indian priest who, after studying psychology in Italy, returned to his country to help abandoned children or those without a family. Recently Father Sibi has already realized a great dream: with the help of friends he bought a large piece of land and founded the Vanaprastha International School, a free school for 500 children coming from neighbouring villages.

Now Father Sibi has an even greater dream: to enlarge the family and build on the school land a new home for 300 children, in order to use the current home to house children suffering from AIDS. In this big house children will grow up surrounded by the love of a real family studying, playing and praying freely, according to their own inclinations and possibilities.
Everything will be focused on

simplicity and flexibility of use, but above all designed with the maximum attention to the budget.

The brief provides the construction of two dormitory buildings, a refectory with its service spaces, a multipurpose hall for prayer and recreation, and the creation of outdoor spaces. The open spaces were designed with a clear dimensional hierarchy: from small courtyards fo yoga, small squares around the buildings where to play, the large central courtyard, the sports field and the even bigger park, rich of mango, banyan, jacaranda, rosewood, coconut and hibiscus trees.

The project has been enthusiastically donated by the office and the construction will be realized thanks to the generous donations of Vanaprastha’s friends.