Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners_ New Port Marina Loana Savona
Project: Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners
Client: Miprav srl
Period: 2006 Preliminary Design
  2007 Schematic Design
  2008 Detailed Design
Gross Floor Area: 7,650 sqm
Site Area: 25,700 sqm
Construction Costs: 17.9 m Euros

The new Loano tourist port has been conceived, and in part created, to satisfy the highest quality standards of the contemporary nautical market and includes an expansion raising the harbourís docking spaces from 350 to 1,130, hosting a fleet of vessels ranging from 8 to 40 meters in length.

In order to respond to the ever-changing tourism the design focuses on a mixed-use masterplan designed to support new nautical services and events for visitors.

The project gives a new light design to the multipurpose nautical centre which hosts the yacht club, ship-chandlers, restaurants and bars.

On the coast line a new promenade runs along the port connecting the city centre to the new artificial beach set at the Eastern end of the marina.

A new entrance square is designed as the real pivot joint between the new port and the city.

This is a multipurpose equipped space, surrounded by retail activities, floating piers and an underground car parking.

The central pier starts with the Coast Guard building and ends up with a panoramic tower, which is at the center of port and controls the internal traffic of boats and yachts.

The light shading structure, covered with photovoltaic panels, spread like an umbrella along the quays of the port and above all new building volumes. This canopy provides the necessary electrical energy supply during periods of high season, when more boats are moored and energy demand is at his peak.