Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners_ City Life Public Park_01
Project: Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners
Client: City-Life S.p.A.
Period: 2010 Restricted Competition
Site Area: 168,000 sqm
Services Design: Manens - TiFS spa
Naturalist: Nicola Bressi
Zoologist: Cristopher Paul Tout
Agronomist: Massimo Vecchiet


Our goal is to build a place where we can ‘feel’ the Nature, as we feel the passing of the seasons that along with our body, the sun, the wind and the moon have always accompanied our lives.

It’s a park for Milan, built with naturalness for the people living there. Here you can play football, play conkers , make new friends, have a snack or study lying in the shade.

Paths, grassy meadows, groves and fountains follow one another like the sap in the root of a tree and form walks, paths, squares, ridges, glades, forests, hills and gardens.

A sequence of gardens (the gardens “delle Scintille”, “di Largo Africa”, “del Re” e “dell’Arte”) is located around the perimeter and the external avenues, while the internal wooded ring (the “Bosco Grande”) surrounds and protects the park from the city.

Glades, magnificent trees, light depressions and bumps design the heart of the park (the “Prato dei Tigli”, “delle Querce”, “dei Castagni”, “degli Aceri”). On the south slopes, islands of trees build a sparse texture and a light open woodland (the “Bosco dell’Ozio”).

We have preferred robust and hardy species with ornamental values in all seasons and low running costs and maintenance.

The facilities (stalls, areas for teaching, games, a kindergarten, a basketball court and one for skating) are located mostly in the outer gardens.

Interactive fountains are placed at the four entrances to the park and in the square under the podium.The furnishings were selected from those used by the Municipality of Milan.