RESIDENTIAL TECHNOLOGY PARK    Turin, Borgaro Torinese and Mappano, Italy
Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners_ Masterplan Borgaro Residential Complex Torino_01
Project: Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners
Client: Societą Borsetto S.p.A.
Period: 2009 Masterplan
  2010 Preliminary Design
Gross Floor Area: 61,600 sqm
Site Area: 184,800 sqm
Costruction Cost: 93.5 m Euros
Local Architects: Ai Studio srl


The project is composed by 3 different building plots located in an agricultural area characterized by environmental and social problems due to the lack of services and connections with the surrounding urban context.

The project aims to overcome the problems of these sites by enhancingf the views from the residences onto the new agricultural regional park, restoring the existing farms, and reinforcing the link to the city with a new road network.

The plot in Borgaro is divided into 7 buildings of around 2,800 sqm each for a total of 105 apartments. Here the design is characterized by wide balconies shaded from a wired creepers, alternated with bio-climatic greenhouses and penthouses with roof terraces.

The plot in Mappano Est includes six residential buildings of 3,000 sqm each, for a total of 330 apartments.

These buildings, curving and snaking, have wide terraces overlooking the pubblic park and its agricultural farms.

The above complexes are both on four storeys and completed with under ground parking places. The overall design is also characterized by large private communal gardens with commercial activities for the life of the new district. The plot in Turin-Falchera is articulated into into nine residential buildings of 1,800 sqm each, on five storeys for a total of 170 apartments with under ground garage, private gardens, a public square interconnected to the new tramway stop, offices and local retail for a total of 4,500 sqm.