Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners_ Masterplan Area Borsetto Torino_01
Project: Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners
Client: Società Borsetto S.p.A.
Period: 2007 Masterplan
  2010 Planning Permit
Gross Floor Area: 271,000 sqm
Site Area: 3,131,000 sqm
Infrastructure Design: Ai Engineering srl
Local Architects: Ai Studio srl


The Borsetto Area consists of a territory of more than 3 million sqm, composed by non-homogeneous and dilapidated zones, where the precarious situation is defined by “urban walls,” (the highway Milan-Turin, a Northern peripheral road, and a forthcoming high speed motorway), which represent real and unchangeable barriers.

This landscape, that lost its original configuration, is characterized by vacated industrial plots and by large agricultural areas that missed their original intent. It is an area with many environmental and social problems, not easily resolved without an organic and unified vision.

For this reason in year 2000, an agreement has been signed by the adjacent municipalities, Piedmont Region, Province of Turin and the

Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation for the re-qualification of those areas. The agreement provides the development and realization of a large municipal park to connect the other smaller urban and regional parks, to form a green belt on the Northern outskirt of Turin.

The masterplan gives an identity to the whole area and match itself with the existing physical texture through the re-qualification of former industrial areas, the recovery of the social texture of the neighborhood, the farmsteads restoration, the design of a unique urban texture and the natural landscape preservation. The project contemplates the construction of a new street network of three new mixed-use districts, a public park and the reclamation of a natural lake.