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Project: Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners
Client: Finanziaria Internazionale Alternative Investments SGR SpA
  Alternative Investments SGR SpA
Period: 2007 Competition
  2007 Masterplan
  2008 Preliminary Design
  2009 Schematic Design
  2010 Detail Design
Result: 1° prize
Gross Floor Area: 42.500 sqm
Construction Cost: 85.0 m Euro
Structural and Environmental design: Favero e Milan Ingegneria Spa

The programme aims to recover a former industrial site by replacing it with new retail and office activities and was the object of an international competition for architects under 40.

The competition divided the site in 4 not adjacent areas, positioned along the main road connecting the city to the shipyards main access.

The winning scheme designs a unique and recognizable intervention that unifies the building plots with a common architectural language.

In fact the shape of the project is based on two arcs of a circle that are mirrored with respect to Via delle Macchine and defines the footprint of the main façades.

The curved façades so generated mark the boundary between the public squares in front of the building and the private building courtyards.

The private gardens have a more intimate atmosphere and are dedicated to the office users and visitors. In the ancient tradition of Venetian gardens, the quiet internal gardens is rich in plant specimens, water and shaded areas where to find relief during summer.

The distribution of the vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the area as well as the circulation are underlined by the landscape intervention along the primary and secondary roads.

As a general criterion for the relocation of activities, a principle of horizontal stratification has been adopted, like in the historic city: the ground floor is devoted mainly to retail, whilst first, second and third floors are used mainly for offices, with the exception of some small parts, where small residential apartments for business visitors are located.

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