BNL Flagship Branch

Turin| Italy
Vittorio Grassi Architects
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro
2013 Concept Design
2013 Schematic and Detailed Design
2014 Completion
Gross Floor Area
850 sqm
Construction Cost
1.5 m Euro
Structural and Services Design
Flecchia and Partners srl
Enrico Cano

The Trucchi Levaldigi Palace, dating from the XVII century, is the general headquarters of the BNL bank in Turin and is one of the most symbolic buildings of the city.

The “Portone del Diavolo” (Hell’s Gate) at the corner, it is the most important artistic element and a legendary source of curiosity for tourists.

The project renews and enhances the historic building and propose an innovative workplace more suited to contemporary working tools.

In particular it improves the introspection from the shopwindows, the night lighting of the facades, the visiting flow, the orientation of the customers and the comfort of the operators.

The evolution of technology and the transformation of the way banks work lead to a reduction and optimization of space and this involves a substantial rethinking of the operational, waiting and meeting areas.

The flagship branch follows a tailor-made concept designed to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the Bank and in particular to emphasize the relationship between the Bank and the city.

The reception and operating areas have been naturally illuminated through the use of large windows, skylights in the inner areas and light colors. The relationship with the industrial automotive tradition of the city is suggested by the use of raw and rugged materials, fluid and aerodynamic glazed partitions, steel panels and window frames finished with a natural mineral oil.