Bosco della Musica

Milan | Italy
Vittorio Grassi Architect
Unipol Sai S.p.a.
Music Hall, Theater, Offices, Culture
Preliminary Architectual Project
Services Provided
Architecture and Interior Design

The anonymous contest saw the participation of more than 30 international teams for the design of a multifunctional structure, music hall and campus of the Milan Conservatory of Music.

The facade expresses itself on overlapping levels, like the lines of an architectural pentagram.

The three large parallelepipeds that make up the volume are structured as a large social container of activities and relationships, unifying all the functions to which the building is dedicated, although divided into distinct main entrances.

Our concept maximizes the landscape of the public park and embeds all the functions in a single powerful and iconic building: restaurant, music school, offices, auditorium and student residences.
Great attention has also been dedicated to limiting the energy consumption as much as possible.