Principe Amedeo  5

Milan | Italy
Vittorio Grassi Architects
Covivio SA
2016 Competition
2017/19 Project and Construction
Gross Floor Area
8700 sqm
Structural Design
DLC Consulting
Environmental Design
Progettisti Associati Tecnarc
Health & Safety
Sicurcantieri Co. srl
Fire Prevention
Studio Tecnico Zaccarelli
LEED Consultants
Studio Greenwich srl
Facade Consultants
Studio Ingegneria Rigone
Site Supervisor
Pro.Iter P&CM srl
Diego De Pol

Built in 1850, the building was the first headquarters of the American Consulate in Milan. Ever since a prestigeous location address, it has now returned to its original splendour.
The cutting-edge high tech renovation project has brought a strong contemporary aspect into the historical context of the property. Two blocks of different ages, that develops around a central courtyard that has still a considerable historical value.

The fine finishing, its unique personality and distinctive location, have made Principe Amedeo 5 an absolute landmark in the area.
The internal courtyard has been remodelled in perfect harmony with the neighbouring gardens of Porta Venezia, and creates a striking inner view.
The courtyard spaces have been enriched with varieties of indigenous greenery. The inner pavilion has been redeveloped with the creation of a new glass facade with carachteristic timber fins.

The external facade has been restored to its original elegance.
An astonishing 600 sqm glass attic offering a stunning view of the Milan skyline has been added on the top of the four overground floors.

The renovation work has allowed the building to achieve a LEED Gold rating and an A-class energy rating. The installation of a photovoltaic system guarantees a reduction in energy consumption for the entire building.

The interior spaces have been designed with maximum flexibility and adaptability to different needs.
Wheter the desire is for open or individual offices, versatility is the key word.
The natural light that illuminates every space turns the workplace into a location rich in atmosphere, with a distinctive personality.