Bresso | Italy
Vittorio Grassi Architects
Zambon Group S.p.A.
2008 Masterplan
2009 Preliminary Design
2010 Schematic Design
Gross Floor Area
19.600 sqm
Site Area
27.000 sqm
Construction Value
48,8 m Euro

Since its origins, the Zambon Group has distinguished itself for its scientific and technological approach on projects for health and wellbeing.

Reliability, research and innovation have always been for Zambon a source of pride and of great dynamism, allowing the Group to consolidate its worldwide activities and to become a leader in pharmaceuticals.

The natural vocation to live common values and emotions in the workplace and to enhance individual talents has always accompanied the group in its 100 years of industrial and family history.

These values have recently materialized in the “Benvivere” project: a series of initiatives to create spaces and opportunities for interaction between different professionals within the Group, and to stimulate creativity and participation of individuals.

The overall program of the new master plan provides a general requalification of the site, involving new functional volumes to a cluster that will rise from the current 400 to around 600 employees.

The guiding principle of the development plan is the breakdown of physical and psychological barriers between the world of scientific research and the collectivity by building clear, open and useful public spaces.