a creative and strongly motivated
international practice of
architects, masterplanners, urban
designers, interior designers and
administrative support staff


Complex projects needs depth of human and management resources. Our studio, founded in 2005, is composed of professionals from different nationalities operating through the Milan and Paris offices and organized in compact and flexible groups of collaborators.

Vittorio Grassi and his Partners drive the strategies and allocate responsibilities within these different design teams according to shared ethical values, so as to foster a virtuous process of both design and review of what has already been produced.
Design teams are not specialized by type of building or geographic location, but they work on a rich section of projects on different scales.
This diversity is an extra value for

creativity, innovation, motivation and generally for the quality of each project. The harmony inside these groups ensures personal customization and a close contact between the design team and the client, from the first meeting to the delivery of the building.

The design of every detail is regularly monitored by the Partners who, thanks to their proven experience, combine the punctual delivery and management capacity of the design and construction process.
The studio is supported by the latest equipment and software and by an efficient system of management and storage. An internal model workshop, for the production of study or exhibition models, is available for design teams or clients.




The studio designs and develops a variety of projects ranging from large to small scale.

We provide architectural services for:

  • urban masterplanning Urban Masterplanning
  • mixed-use complexes Mixed-use Complexes
  • hospitality Hospitality
  • workplaces Workplaces
  • residential Residential
  • heritage and culture Heritage and Culture
  • sports and leisure Sports and Leisure
  • landscaping Landscaping
  • charity projects Charity projects
  • interior design Interior Design

Whenever we are involved in a project, we are fully committed to its success along all the design and building phases, from appraisal to post construction assessment.

Along the process we provide:

  • Feasibility studies Feasibility studies
  • Identification of procurement procedures Identification of procurement procedures
  • Identification of other Consultants Identification of other Consultants
  • Coordination of the Design Team Coordination of the Design Team

  • Concept Design Concept Design
  • Preliminary Design Preliminary Design
  • Design Development Design Development
  • Technical Design Technical Design
  • Quantity Surveying and Cost Control Quantity Surveying and Cost Control
  • Planning and Building Permits Planning and Building Permits

  • Tender Documentation Tender Documentation
  • Specialists Identification for construction Specialists Identification for
  • Tender Action Tender Action
  • Site supervision to completion Site supervision to completion
  • Final site inspections Final site inspections



urban masterplans and architectural
projects for mixed-use, hospitality,
work, residential, cultural, sports and
leisure buildings



each project as an opportunity
for a unique design, tailor-made
for our clients

Apartment Moscow Ltd Municipality of Milan
ATA Hotels Municipality of Mugla
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Spa Municipality of Sappada
City Life New Town srl
Delta Stroy Ltd Porsche Italia Spa
Erdem Holding Co. Reale Immobili Spa
Europrogetti srl Re-evolution srl
F&M Ingegneria Spa RiMed Foundation
Fem srl Sabesa Spa
Finanziaria Internazionale SGR Sakha Ministry of Culture
Fondiaria-Sai Spa SCI Le Mirazur
GM Investment Sarl Sialm srl
Italian Ministry of Culture Società Borsetto Spa
Italian Ministry of Defense Stavia 2012
Immobiliare Lombarda srl UnipolSai Assicurazioni
Marina di Loano Spa Vanaprastha Onlus Charity
Milano Assicurazioni Spa Vitali Spa
Miprav srl Waterfront Flegreo Spa
Municipality of Lamezia Terme Zambon Group Spa
Vittorio Grassi Architetto and Partners_Koa Zambon Group


2014 Masterplan Olonkholand Complex Yakutsk 1° class. Competition Masterplan Olonkholand Complex, Yakutsk, Russia
2013 ZIM Site Usines Maslennikov Samara 1° class. Competition ZIM Site Usines Maslennikov, Samara, Russia
2013 Vélodrome Maspes-Vigorelli Milan 1° class. Competition Vélodrome Maspes-Vigorelli, Milan, Italy
2012 Koà Zambon Company 1° price US Award Popular Vote, with Koà – Zambon Company
2012 Koà Zambon Company 2° price US Award Workplace: with Koà – Zambon Company
2011 Military City of Cecchignola Rome 1° class. Concours Military City of Cecchignola, Rome, Italy
2011 Leaf Award UK 1° price Leaf Award UK (with OBR)
2010 City and Sports Lamezia-Terme 1° class. Competition City and Sports, Lamezia-Terme, Italy
2010 Public Park of CityLife Milan 4° class. Competition Public Park of CityLife, Milan, Italy
2008 Masterplan Via delle Macchine Venice Marghera 1° class. Competition Masterplan Via delle Macchine, Venice - Marghera
2007 Ex Feltrificio Veneto Venice Marghera 1° class. Competition Ex Feltrificio Veneto, Venice – Marghera, Italy
2007 Egyptian Museum Turin 3° class. Competition Egyptian Museum, Turin, Italy
2004 Ville Reale Monza 2° class. Competition Ville Reale, Monza, Italy
2003 Galleria Sabauda Turin 1° class. Competition Galleria Sabauda, Turin (with Rick Mather)
2000 Maritime Museum Genoa 2° class. Competition Maritime Museum, Genoa, Italy
1994 Alcan Aluminum Innovative applications of aluminum technologies 1° price Alcan Aluminum Innovative applications of aluminum technologies
1994 Comett Ile de France Paris Prix Comett Ile de France Paris, France
1993 Co.ve.i. srl Milan Price Co.ve.i. srl Milan, Italy


a series of victories in both
public and private international
design competitions

Vittorio Grassi Architetto and Partners_Koa Zambon Group_2



training of young talents by
sponsoring internship programmes
and post-graduate placements

  • architetti internazionali Facoltà di Architettura Politecnico di Milano
  • international architects Universidad del Diseño, San José, Costa Rica
  • architetti internazionali Kansas State University, USA
  • international architects Master School F.lli Pesenti, Dip.Ing. Strutt., Politecnico di Milano
  • architetti internazionali Institute of Technology Polytechnic of Tokyo, JP
  • international architects UniCEUB – Centro Universitário de Brasília, Faculdade de Tecnologia e Ciências     Sociais Aplicadas, Brasil
  • international architects INOV Contacto – Agencia para o Investimento e Comercio Externo de Portugal
  • international architects Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering - University of Bath, UK
  • international architects Facoltà di Architettura - Università La Sapienza Roma