We preserve and innovate treasures from the past
Good design is always a good investment
We boast a string of winning competitions
Contemporary in elegance for historical jewels
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
The memorable never emerged from a formula
Green is not just a color, it is a lifestyle
We create inspiring work environments
Masterplans need a long-term vision
A creative and strongly motivated international practice of architects, masterplanners, urban designers, interior designers and administrative support staff.

Zignani military area, Rome

WINNING COMPETITION   The year 2022 begins under the best auspices for VGA. We have just been appointed by the Ministero della Difesa to design a…


MELIA' MASACCIO MILANO  “il Quotidiano Immobiliare Diretta Live”On December 15 from 14.30 to 15.30, during “il Quotidiano Immobiliare Diretta Live”, Vittorio Grassi and Alessandro Misani…

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VISIONI DI NUOVI HOTEL Ristrutturare - Rigenerare - RinnovareFriday 12 November, from 11.30 to 12.30, Vittorio Grassi will participate in the dialogue coordinated by Fiorella…


We deliver urban masterplan and architectural projects for mixed-use, hospitality, work, residential, cultural, sports and leisure buildings.

Meliá Milano

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Principe Amedeo 5

Romana 19

Military City of Cecchignola

Koà Company Restaurant


We consider each project as an opportunity for a unique design, tailor-made for our clients.
We celebrate design that connects people to place.